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Why Choose Us – Ottawa Gold Buyer

Why Choose The Coin Co. to Sell Your Gold and Silver in Ottawa   For many people, this is a very important financial transaction that should not be taken lightly. With so many places to sell your gold and silver, who can you trust to pay you fair market value for your unwanted gold and […]

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How to get the most money for your coins

How to get the most money for your coins   With everyone saying ‘we pay the most money’, it’s hard to recognize who’s telling the truth and how to get the most money for your coins. The Coin Co. always does business in good faith and we present our purchase offers as honestly and transparently as possible. […]

Our Evaluation Process For Coins

Our Evaluation Process For Coins   The Coin Co. Ottawa has a simple, three step process for evaluating every gold and silver coin it sees. The process was created to remove the confusion and complexity most people experience when taking their coins to other buyers. Instead of overwhelming our customers with information that ultimately doesn’t […]

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Top 10 things to know before selling your gold and silver coins

Top Five Things to Know Before Selling Your Coins

Top Five Things to Know Before Selling Your Coins   When selling gold and silver coins, you can increase your advantage by understanding how things work behind the scenes. These ‘Top Five Things to Know Before Selling Your Coins’ will dramatically improve how much money you get. One of the biggest problems we see is […]

Rare Canadian Coins

Some of the most valuable Canadian coins Canadian coins are among the popularly collected world coins in today’s numismatic industry.  The modern commemorative coins, bullion coins, and proof coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, to this day, are famous for their innovative designs and overall eye appeal. While Canada is well-known for its exquisite modern numismatic items, it […]

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We Buy Gold and Silver Coins in Ottawa

What We Buy In some ways it’s what we don’t buy that truly sets The Coin Co. Ottawa apart from so many others in our industry. Because we focus so much on buying coins, we won’t be distracted (or tempted) by other things like jewellery, precious stones or scrap gold and silver in any form. We’re […]

About Us – Ottawa’s best gold and silver coin buyer

The Coin Co. – Ottawa’s best gold and silver coin buyer   The Coin Co. and everyone associated with us are passionate about coins and the people who are considering selling them. We have extensive experience in providing numismatic evaluations and appraisals for estates, Government, financial institutions as well as the general public. We always offer expert service at highly-competitive […]

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