Coin Resources and Links

Coin Resources and Links


With the help and support of some very insightful industry professionals, we have assembled a somewhat lengthy list of certification companies, reputable coin shows, clubs and associations, as well as other notable references and publications.

We certainly hope that if you’re a collector, hobbyist or simply someone who has inherited a collection of coins that you find these resources and links useful.


Certification Companies

CCCS (Canadian Coin Certification Service)

BCS (Banknote Certification Service)

PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)


Coin Shows

Nuphilex (Montreal)

Toronto Coin Expo

CAND Winter Show (Hamilton)


Clubs & Associations

Ottawa Numismatic Society

R.C.N.A. (Royal Canadian Numismatic Association)

O.N.A. (Ontario Numismatic Association)

A.N.A. (American Numismatic Association)

CAND (Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers)


References & Publications

Canadian Coin News

Canadian Stamp News

The Charlton Press

Krause Publications


Our Favourite Links and Other Resources

Doug Smith’s excellent page on photographing and collection Ancient coins

Mike Quevillon – the best buyer of quality Sportscards and Comic Books in the industry, and our trusted local source in the field for 20 years

Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. – the hobby’s leading provider of custom coin insurance for both dealers and collectors

Canada’s National Currency Museum and Collection

Royal Canadian Mint – the key supplier of superb modern commemorative coinage


Should you have any questions, comments or suggested links, please send to The Coin Co. Ottawa via email – Anything you can do to provide new, interesting and relevant links is greatly appreciated.



The bottom line is... Knowledge is power in most aspect of our daily lives. It most certainly applies to the coin industry and collectibles at large. The purpose of this list is to help you get informed. But after all is said and done, if we can’t pay you the most for it, we know someone who will. Our extensive network of reputable, professional businesses can pay top dollar for just about anything, as long as it’s gold or silver!

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