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and everyone associated with us are passionate about coins and the people who are considering selling them. We have extensive experience in providing numismatic evaluations and appraisals for estates, Government, financial institutions as well as the general public. We always offer expert service at highly-competitive rates in Ottawa and surrounding areas.


The company is led by its founder and principal buyer, while supported by a cast of exceptional people, professionals and businesses. We’ve hand-selected only those we trust to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience to go along with Ottawa’s highest payouts for all gold and silver coins.

David Martinek is a successful Ottawa-borne entrepreneur and the founder of The Coin Co. As the previous owner and General Manager of Recycle Frog, David amassed years of numismatic resale and recycling experience while building an extensive, Canada-wide network of world class coin dealers and buyers. It is these strong relationships that allow The Coin Co. to offer its customers among the highest purchase prices for gold and silver coins.


“Our mission is to give every customer the best service and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions.”


Inspired to once again shake things up, David knew it was time to reinvent the silver and gold coin buying industry by bringing a fresh process, greater transparency and higher payouts to anyone wanting to sell their unwanted circulation and collectable coins. And that’s just what he did with The Coin Co.


Reselling versus Melting. We are very proud of our history. That’s why it is always our preference at The Coin Co. to find a good, new home for all your old coins. With so much history embedded in circulation coins, simply melting them down for their silver content would be a shame.


“We feel strongly that melting coins destroys history. That’s why we do everything possible to find a buyer who wants to preserve them for generations to come.”


This not only ensures the respect and preservation of important Canadian and world history, it allows The Coin Co. to pay our customers more than the ‘scrap’ (or refined) value of the coins. Everyone wins.

We’re NOT a ‘jack of all trades’ gold buyer who wants to purchase your chains and rings one minute, then pretends to be an expert in evaluating your coins the next. They might be good at telling you how much your jewellery is worth (if you find an ethical buyer), but we have serious doubts they have the knowledge, expertise and interest in offering you fair market value for your coins. That’s where The Coin Co. comes in. Gold and silver circulation, numismatic and bullion coins are what we know. What we buy.


“We promise to always demonstrate a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction through our professionalism, friendliness, pride and company spirit.”


If you’ve recently inherited and/or discovered coins you know little about and want an ethical company to evaluate and determine their fair market value, look no further. The Coin Co. will walk you through our process step by step, sharing every finding and detail so that you may make an informed decision about whether or not to sell or keep them for future generations. All with a ‘no-pressure’ approach so you can feel comfortable knowing you don’t have to sell anything unless you choose to.


The bottom line is... We are Ottawa’s best gold and silver coin buyer. We’re redefining how your unwanted gold and silver should be treated and how much money you should get for it. We do everything right in front of you. Nothing is hidden, there are no tricks or small print that lowers the amount you receive.

The Coin Co. Ottawa Gold and Silver Price Guarantee



It’s great to have amazing customer service, but if you don’t have the best price too, people will go somewhere else. Be sure to check out our Best Price GuaranteeWe’re so confident in our service that if we can’t pay you the most for it in Ottawa, we will find someone who will. Our extensive network of reputable, professional businesses can pay top dollar for just about anything, as long as it’s gold or silver!


If you’re in Ottawa or surrounding areas and have old, unwanted gold and silver coins and want to find out how much they are really worth, contact The Coin Co. today and set up a free in-home or office evaluation. You’ll be glad you did!




1150-45 O’Connor Street  @  Ottawa, ON K1P 1A4  @  613.668.5123  @  info@thecoinco.com



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