What We Buy

What We Buy

canadian silver circulation coins

In some ways it’s what we don’t buy that truly sets The Coin Co. Ottawa apart from so many others in our industry. Because we focus so much on buying coins, we won’t be distracted (or tempted) by other things like jewellery, precious stones or scrap gold and silver in any form. We’re good at coins (and a couple of other things like wafers, bars, tea sets and flatware) so that’s what we built our business and services around.


Reselling versus Melting. We are very proud of our history. That’s why it is always our preference at The Coin Co. to find a good, new home for all your old coins. With so much history embedded in circulation coins, simply melting them down for their silver content would be a shame.


“We feel strongly that melting coins destroys history. That’s why we do everything possible to find a buyer who wants to preserve them for generations to come.”


This not only ensures the respect and preservation of important Canadian and world history, it allows The Coin Co. to pay our customers more than the ‘scrap’ (or refined) value of the coins. Everyone wins.


“We buy gold and silver coins, wafers and bars in any shape, size and condition.” 


What We Buy

  •  silver and gold coins (collector and circulation-grade)
  •  silver and gold bullion (pure or near pure) coins
  •  silver and gold bars and wafers
  •  Olympic sets and single coins from Canada, the United States, as well as other countries
  •  other silver and gold coin sets


What We DON’T Buy

  •  banknotes (paper money)
  •  tokens and medals
  •  jewellery of any kind (gold, silver, plated or costume)
  •  precious or semi-precious stones
  •  base metals (steel, most copper, etc…)
  •  anything plated* (most tea and flatware sets are plated)
  •  dental gold
  •  Anything that we might perceive to be stolen or obtained through fraudulent activities


“For items we can’t buy, we may be able to refer you to another reputable business that we have vetted.”


NOTE: Though The Coin Co. Ottawa may not be able to purchase everything you bring us, we have a network of reputable businesses we may be able to refer you to. We’ve hand-selected these businesses to ensure you receive an equally exceptional level of service, along with a fair market offer to purchase your items. We trust them enough to put our own reputation on the line to recommend them, so you can also trust them.

the coin co ottawa buys gold and silver

We buy all sorts of Canadian, U.S. and worldwide circulation coins no matter the denomination, condition or quantity. We’re pleased to take a look and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Coin Co. Ottawa also buys single coins and complete sets, collector-grade coins, modern coins, gold and silver coins, precious or base metal coins, Royal Canadian and U.S. Mint issue coins and we’re especially interested in all coins with errors and defects.

silver bullion coins



The Coin Co. also buys silver and gold bullion from almost any country! These coins are 99.9% pure silver, unlike the silver alloy in circulation coins.


Canadian Maple Leaf pure gold coin



But while it might look like silver coins are the only thing we buy, that’s not the case. Silver coins represent about 80% of what we buy in Ottawa and surrounding areas like Nepean, Orleans, Arnprior, Perth, Alexandria, etc… we also buy gold coins!


“Our purchase offers are often 25% to 50% higher than the industry average.”

british sovereign gold coins


These range from the purest bullion coins like Canadian Maple Leafs or the ‘near pure’ U.S. Mint’s American Gold Eagles – the world’s best selling 22-karat gold coin. We also buy South African Krugerrands, Austria Philharmonics, Mexican Libertads, and many, many more. For a complete list of bullion and near pure gold and silver coins we buy, click here.


the coin co ottawa buys sterling silver tea sets, flatware platters
*Larger items like tea sets, serving plates and flatware are often not solid Sterling Silver. TIP: if you look at the base of the item in question, there are often markings that indicate the manufacturer and letters in several variations. If you see the letters ‘E.P.’ (electro-plated), ‘S.P.’ (silverplate) or the word ‘plated’, you will know that your item is not ‘solid’ Sterling and we can not purchase it. In the case of flatware, if you see the initials ‘I.S.’ it is likely plated and therefore something we can not offer to purchase from you.


The bottom line is... We buy gold and silver in Ottawa. If we can’t pay you the most for it, we know someone who will. Our extensive network of reputable, professional businesses can pay top dollar for just about anything, as long as it’s gold or silver!

The Coin Co. Ottawa Gold and Silver Price Guarantee




It’s great to have amazing customer service, but we need to have the best price too or you will go somewhere else. Be sure to check out our Best Price Guarantee!





If you have old, unwanted gold and silver coins and want to find out how much they are really worth, contact The Coin Co. today and set up a free in-home or office evaluation. You’ll be glad you did!



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