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We pay more money for coins in Ottawa


With everyone saying ‘we pay more money for coins in Ottawa’, it’s hard to recognize who’s telling the truth. The Coin Co. always does business in good faith and we present our purchase offers as honestly and transparently as possible. With gold and silver prices at near historical highs you can sell your items with confidence.


Reselling versus Melting. Our preference at The Coin Co. is to find a good, new home for all your old coins. With so much history embedded in circulation coins, simply melting them down for their silver content would be a shame. We feel that refining coins doesn’t honour or respect our past triumphs and sacrifices so proudly displayed on our coinage… So instead, we do everything we can to find a buyer for these old, precious coins. This not only ensures the respect and preservation of important Canadian and world history, it allows The Coin Co. to pay our customers more than the ‘scrap’ (or refined) value of the coins. Everyone wins.


The Coin Co. Ottawa  Gold and Silver Price Guarantee. We pay the most for gold and silver in Ottawa.Our Price Guarantee

We are so confident in our prices and our service, that if you get a higher written offer we’ll beat it by 10% of the difference!

Our business model allows us to beat almost any local and national competitor offers. Because we constantly monitor the market, we adjust our prices to either meet or beat the competition. So be careful – many gold and silver buyers use high prices to lure you in, but rarely pay their advertised rates.

If you do find a price higher than ours, bring in a written estimate and we will not only match the price but we will beat it! We rarely see higher quotes received elsewhere but, for peace of mind and to ensure you always get the best price, shop around and be sure to visit us for the best possible payout.


Price Guarantee Conditions

With very few exceptions, here are the rules that apply to our price guarantee:

    1. Must be a written offer to purchase from a recognized buyer, from the same day, to ensure spot prices are relatively constant.
    2. The offer is subject to our own testing and the owner’s discretion. If the other buyer made a mistake in identifying the piece, for example, we would not beat that price.


How we set our prices

Our prices for different gold and silver products are updated in real time for every transaction and are set relative to the market price for gold and silver bullion. This ensures you are getting the most accurate price on the market. No one else does this.

When making purchase offers for coins we must first determine their fair market value. In order to do this we have to accurately grade the coins, refer to current market rates, then present our offer. For these reasons it is impossible to give you an estimate over the phone. Instead, it is always recommended to see us in person, either at your home or office. That way we can properly evaluate your items to determine our purchase offer.

For bullion purchases, we pay up to 95% of the daily spot rate. For tea sets and flatware purchases, we pay between 70% and 80% of the market rate in order to account for refining costs. There are no fees, charges or commissions on top of this. All of our evaluations are free. If you decide to sell, we will write you a corporate cheque on the spot that can be cashed right away.


Consistently Paying More

The reason we consistently pay our customers at the very top of the scale is because most of what we buy is resold, not refined. Refining requires significant cost to insure, ship, melt and assay, etc. often accounting for over 12-15% of any potential profit. That cost usually comes out of your pocket. So instead of refining, we built an extensive network of retail and private buyers where we can resell your items. That way we know exactly how much we can pay you which is often 25-50% higher than the industry average.


Why can’t we pay 100% of gold or silver market price?

There are 3 main reasons why we can’t offer 100% of gold or silver market value:

  1. Risk

    Dealing with precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) comes with inherent risk and margins for error, fraudulent copies, market fluctuations, etc. Our process minimizes risk, but we must always build in some margin of error. Unstamped items compound this margin for error. Another secondary risk for us is the exposure to commodity market pricing. It takes about two weeks to turn around our refining or reselling process and prices  can fluctuate anywhere from 1-5% in that time (sometimes more). This risk must be built into our pricing.

  2. Refining

    Where required the cost of refining items is built into our pricing – a cost not necessary for pure coins and bars. You will find refining costs built into other buyers’ pricing as well. Because we have extensive refining experience and an exceptionally close relationship with our primary refiner, our costs are less than half of those required of other local buyers.

  3. Reality

    Any business must operate to make a profit, or else why be in business at all. Like other buyers, The Coin Co. Ottawa is a business providing a professional service and there are costs associated with providing this service. These additional costs are built into our pricing. #1 Marketing. #2 Staffing and professional office space. #3 Reasonable return on investment. For these reasons, our payout is often 80% or higher, far exceeding industry standards. The end result is low profit margin for us and high payouts for your gold and silver.


Up to 95% of bullion market price for trusted coins and bars

When we identify a trusted bar or coin, we know the exact weight, purity and gold / silver content. We pay up to 95% for one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf coins, as we don’t incur costs for refining. Because we deal in large volumes you get the highest payout for gold and silver bullion anywhere in Ottawa and across Ontario.


How we compare to the industry

Simply put, The Coin Co. Ottawa is at the very top end of the industry when it comes to gold and silver purchase prices. Pawn shops, jewellers, mail-in websites and mall kiosks are not much in the way of competition. Our customers know that most buyers will start out by lowballing them to try make the most money they can. We prefer not to operate that way, instead, presenting fair, highly competitive offers the first time. It’s rare that others can beat our offer, but it can happen for a variety of reasons, so that’s why we have our price guarantee.


Knowing the competition

We have to know what’s going on in our industry, including competitor pricing. We actively monitor every aspect of the gold and silver industry, not only in Ottawa, but across the country. This ensures we consistently beat our competitor’s pricing. Here are some of the people we often get compared to:

  1. Coin stores – offer lower prices because of higher overhead and want higher profit margins.
  2. Pawn shops – make money by offering the least amount they think you will take. Higher payout claims are misleading and designed to lure you in. Unless you know the exact value of your items, you will definitely be negotiating and likely underpaid.
  3. Mail-in websites – difficult to follow-up when you don’t get what was promised on their website.
  4. Amateur buyers – meet you at a local coffee shop, are not bound to any offered prices, difficult to find after the transaction.
  5. Professional buyers – typically know their stuff and offer higher prices based on fair market values.


Small print section

Unlike many of our competitors, we have very few conditions or small print.

  1. We reserve the right to limit quantities of bullion we are willing to purchase at any one time. If you have large quantities please call ahead.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse to purchase any items if we suspect the items may have been stolen or obtained through fraudulent activities.
  3. We only ever pay by corporate cheque, never cash. If you are unwilling to accept our (RBC) corporate cheque we cannot do business. No exceptions.
  4. We require two pieces of identification, one of which must be a valid government-issued photo ID (Drivers license, passport, etc.) and the other can be anything official but need not have a photo (heath card, etc).
  5. You will be required to sign a release before payment is made.
  6. If you cannot provide the required ID or are unwilling to sign the release, we cannot buy your items.


The bottom line… Everyone says ‘we pay more money for coins in Ottawa’. Many well-known companies in our industry take out expensive, flashy ads to try and convince you that they pay the most but in reality, if you do the math and shop around, they usually fall significantly short of their claims. That’s not us. We’re not flashy or misleading. Just put The Coin Co. Ottawa to the test, you’ll see.




If you have old, unwanted gold and silver coins and want to find out how much they are really worth, contact The Coin Co. today and set up a free in-home or office evaluation. You’ll be glad you did!


1150-45 O’Connor Street  @  Ottawa, ON K1P 1A4  @  613.668.5123  @  info@thecoinco.com



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