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Selling your gold and silver in Ottawa – Why Choose Us


the coin co is passionate about paying the most for your gold and silver in ottawa
For many people, selling your gold and silver in Ottawa is a very important financial transaction that should not be taken lightly. It may also be a very emotional decision that comes with mixed feelings. With so many places to sell your gold and silver, who can you trust to pay you fair market value for your unwanted gold and silver coins in Ottawa?


Most of the people that come to us are overwhelmed with the prospect of dealing with shady companies with flashy ads. It feels as though these businesses only want to lure them in and pull a fast one on them. Instead, our customers prefer to be involved in the process – not have things hidden from them. They want to learn about the evaluation process with no obligation to sell any of their gold and silver items. Their only responsibility is to take the information they receive and make an informed decision whenever they are ready.
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Reselling versus Melting Our preference at The Coin Co. is to find a good, new home for all your old coins. With so much history embedded in circulation coins, simply melting them down for their silver content would be a shame. We feel that refining coins doesn’t honour or respect our past triumphs and sacrifices so proudly displayed on our coinage… So instead, we do everything we can to find a buyer for these old, precious coins. This not only ensures the respect and preservation of important Canadian and world history, it allows The Coin Co. to pay our customers more than the ‘scrap’ (or refined) value of the coins. Everyone wins.


Choosing The Coin Co. means… you’ve chosen a company founded on:



The Coin Co.’s founder, all its employees and business partnerships are deeply embedded in Ottawa and the valley. We work, live and play here and feel it is incredibly important to treat every person with honesty and integrity. These values form the foundation for our reputation in the marketplace. We also know how the shady past this industry has become known for, so we strive to be different in every way possible. Honesty is the cornerstone for our business and we take it very seriously.



We’ve built an evaluation process that involves and includes our customers every step of the way. This commitment to transparency allows every customer to make truly informed decisions based on accurate, relevant and real time information. Our open process is founded on three principles: Assess. Inform. Reward. Everything is shared with our customers in a professional, friendly manner with no pressure or obligation to ‘close the deal’ unless they are 100% ready to move forward. It is this information-based, ‘no haggle or hassle’ approach that sets The Coin Co. Ottawa apart from most in the industry.



The Coin Co. Ottawa is passionate about the people we serve and the items they bring us. Being passionate about people and putting their interests ahead of ours is what we do best. We also need to stay on top of industry trends and the changing landscape. Providing an exceptional experience would not be possible if we didn’t care about you and your gold and silver pieces.



We have an unwavering commitment and dedication to delivering a truly exceptional customer experience. The Coin Co. takes great pride in every aspect of the experience – ensuring you walk away knowing you sold your gold and silver to the best company.



We’re in business to make money. But that doesn’t mean we need to rip you off to be profitable. Treating you fairly means you’re more likely to refer us to others. No matter whether you’re a seasoned collector or someone who simply inherited ‘a bunch of coins’, you’re always treated fairly.



Having been brought up with ‘old school values’, the founder knows how important it is to respect people and their items. Every TCC employee and business partner was selected because they understand how important it is. If we can’t respect our customers then we shouldn’t be in business. Period.

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We realize that you have choices and may be nervous about bringing your coins to just anyone. Whether you are emotionally attached to your items, financially challenged, lack knowledge of the value of your coins or you’ve been unfairly paid… Just know that you never have to worry about coming to see us at The Coin Co. Ottawa. You’ll feel the difference the moment you speak with us.


The bottom line is... Selling your gold and silver in Ottawa isn’t always easy. You have many options – some good, others not so much. We’re reinventing the experience – forever changing it for the better. If for any reason we can’t pay you the most money, we know someone who will. Our extensive network of reputable businesses will pay top dollar for just about anything gold or silver!

The Coin Co. Ottawa Gold and Silver Price Guarantee



Aside from all the great reasons above, The Coin Co. pays the most money for your gold and silver coins, wafers, tea sets and flatware. Be sure to check out The Coin Co. Best Price Guarantee!



If you have old, unwanted gold and silver coins and want to find out how much they are really worth, contact The Coin Co. today and set up a free in-home or office evaluation. You’ll be glad you did!



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